Lviv Polytechnic National University

Proceedings of the

VIth International Workshop
Computational Problems of Electrical Engineering

organized by
Institute of Theory of Electrical Engineering, Measurement and Information Systems
Warsaw University of Technology
in cooperation with
National University "Lvivska Polytechnica"

under auspices of IEEE

Hotel "START", ul. Piłsudskiego 22
Zakopane, Poland, September 1-4, 2004
Warsaw University of Technology

Edited by S. Osowski, S. Rendzinyak, and J. Starzyński
A Publication of the Institute of the Theory of Electrical Engineering,
Measurement and Information Systems, Warsaw University of Technology,
ul. Koszykowa 75, 00-661 Warsaw, Poland, 2004

EF: Electromagnetic Fields, 2 Sept., 09:00-11:30, . Chair: Prof. Jan Sikora
 P 048 I. Dolezel, P. Karban, M. Mach, L. Musil, B. Ulrych Dynamic Characteristic of Aluminium Sphere Levitating in Electromagnetic Field Respecting its Induction Heating  (pp. 1–4)
 P 047 L. Musil, P. Dvorak, Z. Pragflowska-Gorczynska Dynamic Characteristic of Zinc Feeder  (pp. 5–8)
 P 070 Ryszard Sikora, Piotr Baniukiewicz The Complete Measurement System for Crack Detection and Identification  (pp. 9–12)
 P 081 J. Sikora, J. Starzyński, S. F. Filipowicz, K. Nita Hybrid BEM/FEM Forward Model for Optical and Impedance Tomography  (pp. 13–16)
 P 106 Piotr Rowiński, Jacek Starzyński, Stanisław Wincenciak Object Oriented Design of Field Analysis Translator  (pp. 17–20)


PS1: Posters 1, 2 Sept., 12:15-14:00, . Chair: Prof. Petro Stakhiv
 P 031 Cristian Grava, Teodor Maghiar, Alexandru Gacsádi, Adriana Grava A deterministic algorithm for motion estimation in medical image sequences  (pp. 21–24)
 P 037 Antoni Nykliński, Michał Rad Speed Estimation Of Induction Machines Based On Current And Voltage Waveform Made By Artificial Neural Network  (pp. 25–26)
 P 038 Marcin Buczaj The applications of computer graphic filters to determine irregular pathology area  (pp. 27–29)
 P 039 Dariusz Gutek The Project of Implementing the Expert System to Analyse Polyp Changes in the Alimentary Canal  (pp. 30–33)
 P 044 Marcin Buczaj, Wiktor Pietrzyk The mathematical models of stomach polypean illnesses  (pp. 34–37)
 P 066 R. Siroic, S. Osowski The Analysis of the Evolutionary Algorithms for Network Synthesis  (pp. 38–41)
 P 067 T. Markiewicz L. Moszczyński Analysis of Features for Blood Cell Recognition  (pp. 42–45)
 P 073 Wiesław Brociek, Robert Wilanowicz Determination of the Voltage Fluctuations and Distortions in Transformer Station Supplying Nonlinear Load with 12-pulse Converter  (pp. 46–49)
 P 074 M.Tadeusiewicz, S.Halgas Computing input-output characteristics of circuits containing idealized diodes and transistors  (pp. 50–53)
 P 076 B. Świderski, S. Osowski, Andrzej Rysz Recognition of Epileptic Activity on the Basis of EEG Using Support Vector Machines  (pp. 54–57)
 P 078 Ryszard Szupiluk, Piotr Wojewnik, Tomasz Ząbkowski, Krzysztof Siwek Independent Component Analysis with alpha-Stable Distributions  (pp. 227–230)
 P 079 Marek Ossowski, Andrzej Kuczyński Speeding up Waveform Relaxation Algorithms  (pp. 62–65)
 P 083 M. Dyvak, P. Stakhiv, I. Calishchuc Interval parameter’s identification of the linear dynamic system on the basis of interval data  (pp. 66–68)
 P 091 Ya. Matviychuk The theory and practice of modeling of autonomous systems with a given domain of convergence  (pp. 69–71)
 P 092 Bohdan Melnyk, Stepan Trokhanyak Modelling the work of electrical circuits elements in SIMPLORER environment  (pp. 72–74)
 P 093 Nadiya Marchenko, Michail Myslovitch, Roman Sysak A Prototype of Diagnostic System of Wind-Driven Power Units  (pp. 75–78)
 P 095 Serhiy Rendzinyak, Petro Stakhiv, Oksana Hoholyuk Time-domain modeling of large-scale electric circuits by parallel methods  (pp. 79–80)
 P 101 Jaroslav Shmygelsky Adaptive Algorithm of Numerical Simulation of Stiff Dynamic Systems  (pp. 81–82)
 P 102 Lev Sinitsky, Igor Smal On Subharmonic Oscillations  (pp. 83–83)
 P 069 Ryszard Szupiluk, Krzysztof Siwek, Sławomir Jabłonowski Blind Source Separation with Filtered Time Delay Decorrelation  (pp. 58–61)
 P 108 Ewa Lipowska-Nadolska, Sławomir Klimczak, Marcin Kwapisz, Krzysztof Lichy Systolic Signal Processing Research Group Activity  (pp. 88–89)


PS2: Posters 2, 2 Sept., 15:15-17:00, . Chair: Prof. Ryszard Sikora
 P 030 Adriana Grava, Teodor Maghiar, Cristian Grava, Nicolina Maghiar, Vasile Şoproni, Mircea Pantea, Mihaela Novac, Laura Coroiu Optimization of the Energy Transfer in Microwave Ovens using a Wave-Guide with Sloped Nozzles  (pp. 90–92)
 P 033 Cornel Panait, George Căruntu The Offset of Magnetotransistors  (pp. 93–96)
 P 035 George Căruntu, Cornel Panait The Stability and the Detection Limit for Hall Microsensors  (pp. 97–100)
 P 041 Lubomír Brančík Comparative Study of Jacobian Calculation Techniques in Electrical Impedance Tomography  (pp. 101–104)
 P 045 Artur Boguta, Grzegorz Sosnowski Identification of Parameters of the Piezoelectric Transducer Model  (pp. 105–107)
 P 063 Zygmunt Piątek, Bernard Baron, Marian Pasko, Borys Borowik Power Emitted Inside a Conducting Cylinder Placed in Longitudinal Uniform Magnetic Field of a Character an Attenuated Sinusoid  (pp. 108–114)
 P 061 Arkadiusz Miaskowski, Bartosz Sawicki, Andrzej Krawczyk Mesh Resolution Influence on SAR Distribution in Human Head Model  (pp. 115–118)
 P 071 Dariusz Smugała Computer analysis of dynamic parameters for contactors with A.C. electromagnetic driving mechanism at switching-on  (pp. 119–122)
 P 077 Magdalena Stasiak, Jan Sikora, Stefan F. Filipowicz 3D Electrical Impedance Tomography forward problem solution approximated by Boundary Element Method  (pp. 123–126)
 P 080 J. Sikora, S.F. Filipowicz, Z. Filipowicz, K. Nita Nonlocal Boundary Conditions in 2D Regions with Clear Layer Gap  (pp. 127–130)
 P 082 Stefan F. Filipowicz Identification of the internal sources with the aid of boundary element method  (pp. 131–134)
 P 084 Mariya Kotsyuba, Vsevolod Horyachko Application of invariant approximations of functions to 3-D magnetic field analysis  (pp. 135–136)
 P 085 Vsevolod Horyachko, Khrystyna Drohomyretska, Mariya Kotsyuba Mathematical model of action potential propagation in neuron axon  (pp. 137–138)
 P 086 Halyna Kopets, Oleksandra Korud Social-Economic and Psychological-Methodical Aspects of Implementation of Distance Learning  (pp. 139–141)
 P 087 Vasyl Korud Electrotechnics didactics in the computer technologies use  (pp. 142–144)
 P 089 O. Shegedin, V. Madaj Semifield Mathematical Model of High Field electromagnet  (pp. 145–146)
 P 090 Vasyl Malyar, Andriy Malyar Algebraization of Differential Equations for Solving Two-Point Boundary Problems of Electrodunamics  (pp. 147–150)
 P 094 Petro Drabych, Petro Dub, Vitalij Nichoga, Eugeniusz Grudziński, Іhor Yavors'kyi Calculation of the Electrical Component of the Underground Stretched Communication Field  (pp. 151–152)
 P 104 Zbigniew Ciok Modeling of Transient Phenomena at Controlled Switching of Shunt Capacitor  (pp. 153–156)
 P 097 Yu. Vasetsky, Yu. Rotachev An Analytical Model for Analysis of Magnetic Fields and Forces in Thin Toroidal System with Tilted Coils  (pp. 157–159)
 P 099 Volodymyr Glemba, Yuriy Bobalo, Bohdan Mandziy, Oxana Lazko Design of High-Performance Power Subsystem for Nanosat  (pp. 160–160)
 P 107 Robert Szmurło, Bartosz Sawicki, Jacek Starzyński, Stanisław Wincenciak Exact Model of Electrodes for ECT Simulations  (pp. 161–164)
 P 110 P. Berowski, S. F. Filipowicz, J. Sikora Electrical Impedance Tomography to determine the location of moisture area of the wall  (pp. 165–168)
 P 111 Stanisław Krzemiński, Michał Śmiałek Variational Formulation of Multi Boundary Nonhomogenius Electrostatic Problems Galerkins Approach  (pp. 236–241)


MF: Mathematical Fundamentals, 3 Sept., 09:00-11:00, . Chair: Prof. Ivo Dolezel
 P 029 Marek Stabrowski Supernodal sparse linear equation solver - limitations and alternatives  (pp. 169–172)
 P 042 Lubomír Brančík Convergence Acceleration and Optimal Parameter Estimation at FFT-based 2D-NILT Method  (pp. 173–176)
 P 049 Z. Trzaska Effective Fourier Series-Less Method for Analysis of Periodic Non-Harmonic States in Linear Dynamical Systems and Hysteresis Loops of One-Period Energy  (pp. 177–181)
 P 088 Nickolay Kostin, Olga Sheikina, Victor Artemchuk Mathematical Modeling of Non-linear Electrochemical Circuits with Pulse Sources of Voltage  (pp. 182–185)
 P 105 Tadeusz Kaczorek Realization problem for positive multivariable linear systems with time-delay  (pp. 186–192)


SP1: Signal Processing 1, 3 Sept., 11:15-12:15, . Chair: Prof. Michał Tadeusiewicz
 P 028 Zbigniew Leonowicz, Juha Karvanen, Toshihisa Tanaka, Jacek Rezmer Model order selection criteria: comparative study and applications  (pp. 193–196)
 P 036 Tomasz Sikorski, Piotr Ruczewski, Tadeusz Łobos Time-Frequency Representation for Non-Stationary Phenomena in Electrical Engineering  (pp. 197–200)
 P 043 Marcin Cegielski Comparing the algorithms of computing PCA  (pp. 201–204)
 P 064 A. Cichocki, S. Osowski, K. Siwek Prewhitening Algorithms of Signals in the Presence of White Noise  (pp. 205–208)


CT: Circuit Theory, 4 Sept., 09:00-11:00, . Chair: Prof. Kazimierz Mikołajuk
 P 046 D. Mayer, B. Ulrych Surge Phenomena on Power Transmission Line  (pp. 209–212)
 P 068 Kazimierz Mikołajuk, Sławomir Kwiczak Optimization Methods for Current Harmonics Estimation  (pp. 213–216)
 P 072 Vu Phan Tu, Josef Tlusty Higher-Order FDTD (2,6)/(2,8) Method for Calculating Lightning-Induced Voltages on Power Lines  (pp. 217–220)
 P 075 M.Tadeusiewicz, S.Halgas An algorithm for the analysis of dynamic electronic circuits  (pp. 221–224)
 P 098 Leonid Nedostup, Yuriy Bobalo, Myroslav Kiselychnyk, Oxana Lazko Complex Modeling of Electronic Devices Production Systems Quality Maintenance  (pp. 225–225)


SP2: Signal Processing 2, 4 Sept., 11:15-12:15, . Chair: Prof. Ya. Matviychuk
 P 109 Michał Śmiałek, Marcin Seligowski Combined Teaching of Intelligent Building Design and Component Programming  (pp. 84–87)
 P 100 Ivan Prudyus, Leonid Lazko, Taras Holotyak Band Limited Radar Images Nonlinear Restoration Method  (pp. 226–226)
 P 103 Bogdan Blagitko, Volodymyr Brygilewicz, Igor Jarmolowskyj Multiparameters Fault Diagnosis of Driven System with a Noise  (pp. 231–235)