About the Conference

The goals
The International Workshop is the event organized every year since 1999 and is focused on the computational aspects of the electrical engineering, including signal, circuit and field theory. It is organized under auspices of the IEEE organization. The main task of the workshop is the exchange of the experience of the scientists of central and eastern Europe in the modern mathematical methods of the analysis, optimization and design approaches in the mentioned above fields. The participants of the workshop are coming from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and also from Great Britain, France and Japan.

The main research streams in the workshop are concentrated in the following scientific subjects:

  • development of efficient methods of signal processing based on application of ICA, PCA, wavelet transformation, impedance tomography etc.;
  • the artificial neural and neuro-fuzzy networks approaches to the solution of signal processing tasks belonging to the estimation, identification, prediction and approximation problems;
  • development of new effective methods for the solution of some bio-medical problems, radioengineering, telecommunication and antennas systems;
  • development of effective numerical methods of the analysis of the electro-magnetic fields by applying finite element and boundary elements in 3-D problems related to biomedical- and radioengineering
  • application of optimization methods to the design of electrical systems by using field and circuit theory tools and signal processing;
  • education in the area of electrical engineering, computer science and application of the computer science.

The papers presented in the workshop are of two kinds:

  • the regular papers presented by the participants of the workshop and reviewed by the scientific committee,
  • the invited tutorials devoted to specialized subjects of biomedical signal processing and conducted by the recognized scientists in the branch.

Papers are presented at the workshop, either by oral or by poster. The great accent is laid on the discussion after each presentation. Practically no time limitation for discussion is provided. This form of organization of the workshop enables to obtain better results of meeting in the sense of greater impact on the knowledge of the participants.

All abstracts of papers presented at the workshop are printed in the proceedings of the conference.

Selected papers will be published in post conference edition of Polish journal Electrical Review „Przeglad Elektrotechniczny”.
About the Conference
We like to keep this conference within limits of hundred+ participants, allowing lots of time for personal contacts and informal discussions. Balanced oral and poster sessions combined with high quality tutorials create unique atmosphere of this event. We hope, you will enjoy it.

The workshop is devoted to the development of modern tools for the analysis and design of complex electrical and non-electrical systems. It develops the effective approaches and methods for signal processing, analysis and design of electrical and electronic circuits and electromagnetic fields.
In the area of signal processing we focus on development of more effective linear and non-linear algorithms and transformations. Among them are artificial neural and neuro-fuzzy network approaches, support vector machines, Fourier and wavelet transformations, independent component analysis, higher order statistical description of the processes, etc.
Modern trends in circuit and network theory are aimed at the development of proper description and characterization of the phenomena arising in the power systems, especially higher harmonics, compensation of the reactive power at the presence of higher harmonics, analysis of the transient phenomena in such systems for the need of system protection.
Today’s field theory is directed to the analysis of the complex problems arising in different areas of research by using mathematical methods, appropriate for the field theory. They include the modelling of different phenomena, for example the human body, especially the head, tomography methods aimed at the reconstruction of the field inside the body on the basis of the finite number of measurements done at external points of it, etc.
All these subjects will be welcomed by the organizers of the workshop. Gathering many scientist at the same place and in the same time together, may result in expansion of one branch of research into another one and bring the new trends in the development of the already well established area of research. This year workshop will be strictly connected with application of network, field and signal theory in the biomedical engineering.

List of previous CPEE Coferences

  • CPEE 1999 Alushta, Ukraine,
  • CPEE 2000 Solina, Poland,
  • CPEE 2001 Alushta, Ukraine,
  • CPEE 2002 Zakopane, Poland,
  • CPEE 2003 Jazleevets, Ukraine,
  • CPEE 2004 Zakopane, Poland,
  • CPEE 2006 Odessa, Ukraine,
  • CPEE 2007 Wilkasy, Poland,
  • CPEE 2008 Alushta, Ukraine,
  • CPEE 2009 Waplewo, Poland,
  • CPEE 2010 Lázně Kynžvart, Czech Republic
  • CPEE 2011 Kostryna, Ukraine,
  • CPEE 2012 Grybów, Poland,
  • CPEE 2013, Roztoky u Křivoklátu, Czech Republic
  • CPEE 2014, Terchová, Slovak Republic
  • CPEE 2015, Lviv, Ukraine