Computational Problems of Electrical Engineering

The International Conference organized every year since 1999. It is focused on the computational aspects of the electrical engineering, including signal, circuit and field theory. Organized under auspices of the IEEE organization. The main task of the workshop is the exchange of the experience of the scientists of central and eastern Europe in the modern mathematical methods of the analysis, optimisation and design approaches in the fields mentioned above.

CPEE 2024, September 10-13th, Stara Morawa, Poland
Previous events:
CPEE 1999 Alushta, Ukraine,
CPEE 2000 Solina, Poland,
CPEE 2001 Alushta, Ukraine,
CPEE 2002 Zakopane, Poland, CPEE 2003 Jazleevets, Ukraine, CPEE 2004 Zakopane, Poland, CPEE 2006 Odessa, Ukraine, CPEE 2007 Wilkasy, Poland, CPEE 2008 Alushta, Ukraine, CPEE 2009 Waplewo, Poland CPEE 2010 Lázně Kynžvart, Czech Republic CPEE 2011 Kostryna, Ukraine, CPEE 2012 Grybów, Poland, CPEE 2013 Roztoky u Křivoklátu, Czech Republic, CPEE 2014 Žilina, Slovak Republic, CPEE 2015 September 2-5th, 2015, Lviv, Ukraine, CPEE 2016, September 14-17th, Sandomierz, Poland CPEE 2017, September 11-13th, Kutná hora, Czech Republic CPEE 2018, September 9-12th, Banska Stiavnica, Slovak Republic CPEE 2019, September 15-18th, Slavske-Lviv, Ukraine CPEE 2020, September 16-19th, online, Poland CPEE 2021, September 16-17th, online, Czechia CPEE 2022, September 11-14th, Zuberec, Slovakia CPEE 2023, September 10-13th, Grybów, Poland
Next event:
Stara Morawa, Poland, 10-13th September 2024
organized by Warsaw University of Technology
supported by Warsaw University of Technology